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Welcome to the very first Investwell Group blog. A place to learn and to be inspired! Each week I will share tips and tricks of the building industry as well as feature some posts with our industry supplier specialists. I will also showcase our renovation and new build projects as they progress through the construction process.

On a personal note I am enjoying my move from the hospitality industry over to the thrills of building and construction. Just like my previous position there have been many challenges along the way. None so much like my involvement with organising the G20 Summit for the hotel I worked for, that is a whole other story. Definitely the hardest and longest project I have ever worked on in my career with my involvement spanning more than two years. The great thing about working in the building industry is that like the G20 Summit you get to work hard creating and piecing together the build or renovation then sit back and enjoy the beauty of the final product coming together.

It is my extensive event management experience and my experience with our personal home renovations and those of our clients that I am able to share some essential tips in my blog. Now I don't proclaim to be an expert, but I plan on working with our builder Wade and our team of wonderful sub contractors to bring you that expert advice. With every renovation that is completed, I always learn a few extra things along the way and it is these things I wish to share with you all. I am hoping this blog will become a trusted resource for our clients and readers and I can't wait for it to evolve.

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