How was it done? Kitchen Renovation - Wavell Heights

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and personally my favourite room in the house to renovate. It is amazing to see some of the transformations once all the blood sweat and tears are over. This kitchen renovation was completed in a 1927 Queenslander and although in good condition it was very dated. This was by no means the worse kitchen that we have seen but it did lack functionality and effective use of space. There was a large void in the middle of the kitchen, cupboards do not take full advantage of the 3m high ceilings and a wall blocked the amazing city views. The original 1927 pantry which once was the location for the stove is blocking the wonderful city views that obviously didn't exist in 1927!

In designing this kitchen we wanted to achieve two things. Open up the kitchen into the dining room and make a functional space that opens out to enjoy the views. There is nothing better than preparing family meals with something nice to gaze out too! The plan in the future with this home was to add a further extension onto the back of the house so the design has taken this into consideration.

Step 1. Remove the old kitchen

As this kitchen was in great shape, it was sold on Gumtree, Our builder was careful to remove everything in one piece. This included the working appliances and sink.

Step 2. Remove the existing load bearing wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

After some demolition to remove the tiles the wall was simply cut out and removed, it is amazing what a difference this made. Before this was completed the adjoining dining room ceiling was removed as this was a much lower ceiling height. We then sheeted to the underside of the existing roof rafters, connecting our high raked ceiling to the existing kitchen and allowed us to open up this space.

Step 3. Enclose the original entrance to the kitchen from the lounge room

As we wanted to take advantage of the space in the kitchen we closed in the existing door frame from the kitchen to the lounge room. We needed to use original VJ panels to match the existing lounge room walls and moved VJ panels from another wall in the house. This needed to be extensively

Step 4. Installation of the new kitchen cabinetry

A freedom custom designed kitchen was used for the cabinetry as decided by the owners of the property. Handles were then selected from the Ikea range and installed by the builder. White cabinetry with heritage style profiles, one wall of just cupboard space and another wall with feature oven and benchtops. An island was also added to make more functional use of the square space.

Step 5. Construct the Octagon bulkhead

As we had such beautiful high ceilings to work with, a bulkhead to act as the feature of this kitchen was perfect. Of course a simple square was not enough and an octagon shape was decided upon. To keep in the era of the home it was decided to install pressed tin into the centre of the bulk head. This was completed by a subcontractor who specialises in pressed tin installation as it really is a speciality area.

Step 6. Construction of the rangehood feature

Due to budget constraints this was not able to be professional made by a cabinet maker. Instead our builder designed the feature timber work over the rangehood. I personally love the use of the shelf in the design and believe it completes the look of this kitchen.

Step 7. Pantry removed, windows installed.

The pantry was removed and replaced with recycled windows to match the existing house. This was done keeping in mind that the wall will be removed when the new extension is added to the house. This opened up the space to allow enough distance to walk around the island bench and enjoy a window seat to enjoy the views.

Step 7. Paint & tiles

It is amazing how much difference a coat of paint can do! Pictures speak for themselves, the finished product is just beautiful. The client chose a metallic green for the pressed tin feature just to be a little different and we just love it. The white subway tiles are perfect for the style of kitchen and are very easy to clean with their glossy finish.

Step 8. Appliances.

A black belling oven was chosen as the centrepiece of the kitchen, a photo in a magazine was used as inspiration! The microwave was installed into the pantry cupboard and Miele Dishwasher into the island bench below the sink. A single under mounted sink for simplicity was set off to the side of the island bench to make the most of the space for food preparation.

The final product is just amazing, we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out in the end. We would love to know what you think?

To view the complete before and after gallery of this home please visit!gallery-rode-rd/c1vd9

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