When should you engage a builder?

As a building and construction company specialising in home renovations, we often work with clients from concept through to completion. A large scale renovation is often quite daunting with many people not really knowing where to start. It is a great idea to find a builder that you work well with to assist you through the concept and planning stages. These early stages are crucial in delivering the style of home you need for the cost you want.

1. List your goals, what do you want to achieve?

Before we start our own renovation projects we always make a list of all our must have items. For me in our latest project the must have's were:

* Separate rumpus room for the kids that I could see from the kitchen

* Butlers Pantry with a second rangehood for my thermomix

* large custom home office for our work space.

Now of course there were many more items we included but to me these were items missing from our last house that were a 100% must have. Try to prioritise which inclusions you must have and go down the list. Even as experienced builders we always over spend. There is always something extra you want to include. Making a list will help you pair back if needed and give the builder and designer something to work with.

2. Set appointment to meet onsite to discuss with the builder?

Now you have some goals, its time to meet with some builders. Wade our builder will meet you onsite at your project site and discuss your "goals" and also your budget. This is a great time to have a list of questions ready about the design and build process. Although it is not possible for us to give a quote without working plans, he can try and give you a bit of an idea of costs based on similar projects we have completed in the past. If you do have working plans this will be a more detailed appointment and oppourtunity for us to learn some of the more finer details of your inclusions.

3. Have a budget in mind

This is always a question that people have difficulty in answering and it happens across all fields of business. Even when I worked in hotels and we were quoting on large pieces of business most clients would not disclose their budget. In almost all cases we are trying to find ways to reduce costs to work in with budgets when it comes down to fine tuning our quotes. Knowing your budget at the start with help the builder and the designer ensure your design can be built for your budget. There is no point in designing a $500,000.00 home if you only have $300,000.00 to spend. From past experience personally and with our clients, this happens a lot and we are then back to the drawing board with a new design. It might be a good idea to speak with your bank and get an idea of what you can borrow before the appointment takes place.

4. Now the fun begins!

This is one of my favourite stages of renovations, planning! This is also one of the hardest and often scariest as you move through the different planning stages. As builders we have been through the process many times and we are here to guide you through the process. We have a large network of trusted sub-contractors from all trades and fields ready to assist. From draftsman, to certifers and engineers. These are companies we know and trust!

So... what are you waiting for? If you have been thinking of renovating and just don't know where to start, set an appointment and get the ball rolling!

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