The planning stage - how much will this cost?

So, where to next? It is likely that the most burning question you are still going to have is how much is all this going to cost. At this stage this question still may be a little trickier to answer depending on the size of the project. The next step in our building or renovation process is to present your ideas with your builder to a drafts person or architect to come up with a design. Unfortunately the only way to do an estimate is to have a working set of drawings and this does involve and outlay of costs. We do have a number of clients that come to us with a building design already in place and this is the time to move straight on to the estimating stage

Preliminary Agreements

Master Builders encourage all Builders to have a preliminary contract in place throughout the planning stage. This does not lock you in to a building contract. Master Builders states that:

Your chosen contractor may ask you to enter into a preliminary agreement before signing a contract. This agreement allows a contractor to undertake work such as plans, site survey, soil test and building approvals.The Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 requires the contractor to obtain foundation data before getting you to sign a contract.A preliminary agreement is not a regulated contract, but it should set out any costs you must pay to the contractor in performing the works listed in the preliminary agreement.

The agreement is in place to protect both the builder and the client and ensure any costs outlaid by the builder are reimbursed should the project not proceed. This also allows us to act on your behalf and accept the charges agreed. This agreement is for preliminary works only and a new separate contract and deposit is required before building work can commence.

Estimated Planning Fees

Please note that these prices are estimates based on average renovations we have recently completed. Prices will vary depending on the scope and size of each project. These prices below are for a large scale residential renovation proeject.

· Preliminary drawings - $2255 incl GST

· Searches - $220 + incl GST

· Energy efficiency plan - $220 incl GST

· Working drawings - $825 incl GST

· Soil test - $605 incl GST

· Engineering - $3300 incl GST

· Certification - $3300 incl GST

We consider ourselves experts in building and renovating and we are here to help ensure you get the home of your dreams within the budget you set. If you are interested in talking with our builder about what options are available in your home, we would love to speak with you.

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